Garden Spells

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Garden Spells
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Claire uses her grandmother's spell book to make the man of her dreams fall in love with her. But what consequences does such a spell entail?
When Claire’s grandma passes away, she leaves behind a spell book that promises magical help should Claire ever need it. Years later, Claire meets Colton in the bookstore where she works and instantly falls for him…but can’t quite seem to tell if he reciprocates the feeling. She calls upon the book and her grandma’s spirit to open his heart towards her. The following day she sees him again at the bookstore and thinks her chance has come, only this time he’s there with another girl. Claire is heartbroken. However her heartbreak turns to horror when, a few days later, he reappears at the bookstore alone and asks her out to lunch. She stumbles over an excuse and retreats to the back room. That night she consults her grandmother’s spirit asking if there’s a way to reverse the spell she cast, full of guilt at having turned his heart towards her when he already had a girlfriend. The next day, Colton and the other girl arrive at the bookstore. While in conversation with Claire, it’s revealed that the mystery girl is actually Colton’s sister Jennifer. Realizing the blunder and relieved at the outcome, Colton and Jennifer invite Claire out to lunch, and she accepts. We fast forward to years later, where an older Claire is passing her grandmother’s spell book onto her own granddaughter with the promise that it will help her find her own Mr. Right when the time comes.
Genres: Romance, Comedy
Studio: Midnight Visions Film Works
From: United States
Produced In: United States
Lead Actors: Karen GarlitzRyan Anderson
Supporting Actors: Renee SpahrMelissa CaswellJohnny HornAdelyn BoyerCheryl McConnelGracie ParkerDale Niehaus
Key Crew: DJ ZacharyTristan ChisolmJustin McKeeDavid McDonald

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