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Drama is usually hard hitting with the actors involved in some type of dilemma. May also have elements of comedy and can be a Dramedy.
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Bad Animal Bad Animal

Bad Animal

SEMBRÉ is a rising star in the Chicago music scene. His first record, BAD ANIMAL, was a critical and commercial success. MARLENE, a talented indie artist in her own right, is Sembré’s manager.

Everything changes when a new producer shows up with a major record deal, forcing Marlene and Sembré to confront their past while navigating fame in the underground Chicago music scene.

BAD ANIMAL stars Chicago DIY music legend MYKELE DEVILLE and RIVKAH REYES (School of Rock,) and was a featured Kickstarter “Project We Love” raising over $15,000. REMSY ATASSI’s directorial debut is a love letter to the Chicago indie music scene featuring original songs by The Palmer Squares, Chris Crack, Pixel Grip, Malci, Pet Symmetry, and more.
Down the Road Down the Road

Down the Road

When a paperboy goes missing in the local woods, it's up to his friends to find answers. Following a mysterious trail of clues, they venture into the heart of the unknown, and unearth something much deeper…
Charlie Charlie


1882, when two travelers meet on a railroad, the revelation that appearances are more than they seem leads to a life or death scenario.
Get Back: Me and John Get Back: Me and John

Get Back: Me and John

Brain strikes a difficult guitar chord and magically appears in the past where he has a chance to change rock and roll history.
Hideout Hideout


Drug dealer Guo-hao hopes to make big money by an unknown cocaine deal so that he and his girlfriend can leave their life of crime behind. But he soon realized that the whole thing is not that simple.
Due to geographic restrictions, this content is available only in United States. However, it is not available in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Retirement 2: Salt on the Road Retirement 2: Salt on the Road

Retirement 2: Salt on the Road

An energetic rookie and a hard boiled veteran cop work an old cold case that haunts everyone involved, whether they know it or not.
Zero Hour Zero Hour

Zero Hour

Mike McCoy is burned out after 30 years as a hit-man. But his spontaneous friendship with Rachel opens up a new world to him.
High Road High Road

High Road

The offspring of two families continue a long-running feud that began before they were born.
Objective Objective


A man searches for his kidnapped daughter through the underworld of sex trafficking.
The Lost Age The Lost Age

The Lost Age

Two parents make their young dinosaur enthusiast son's day when they bring him to a prehistoric-themed park. The day unfolds like a dream, but more surprises await.
The love story of Su, Shi The love story of Su, Shi

The love story of Su, Shi

Shi Su was known for his poems, writing, calligraphy, painting and ability to offend his emperors. However, people do not know about his tragic loves.
The Call of Water The Call of Water

The Call of Water

Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.
Monarch Monarch


A young man time travels back one year to prevent the death of his wife. Twists and turns lurk around every corner as he tracks down the Killer.
Jesus Awakens the Little Girl Jesus Awakens the Little Girl

Jesus Awakens the Little Girl

Just what happened when Jesus brought the rabbi's daughter back from the dead? When teenagers are awakened against their will they can be pretty cranky and this one is no exception. The Gospels are full of stories of Jesus with children and adults -- but no teenagers! Here is the hilarious untold story of what happened when He finally encountered one.
21. across 21. across

21. across

A man goes through his daily routine. Each day more is revealed about the world he inhabits. It all comes to a head on the final day.
Eureka Eureka


A young indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California.
Sproutland Sproutland


Beth lives with constant reminders of her deceased husband -- a local health guru named Sproutman. She dodges her neighbors who chant yoga mantras and drink green juices in his honor. When her son grows increasingly obsessed with his dad’s legacy, Beth wonders: who am I now without Sproutman? As Beth forges a path she neither expected nor wanted, she learns that life can hold despair and joy at the same time.
Post No Bills Post No Bills

Post No Bills

“POST NO BILLS,” asks what home really means to people who live in a gentrifying community and what happens to them as that community goes through change.
Richard & Sarah: Massacre in Greenwood Richard & Sarah: Massacre in Greenwood

Richard & Sarah: Massacre in Greenwood

To say The United States hasn't done a good job of coming to terms with its troubled history is an understatement. The massacre and destruction of the Black Wall Street area has been mostly swept under the carpet for over 100 years. In an effort to shed light on this horrible event, "Richard & Sarah: Massacre in Greenwood" shares intimate portrayals of eyewitness testimonies to the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. Thank you for considering our film.
Natural Starter Natural Starter

Natural Starter

An Asian American family struggling to run their Bagel Shop in Queens New York.
The restless soul The restless soul

The restless soul

A freed maid found her husband murdered her sister. She was devastated and ran away. When she got sick, she vowed to stay on earth after death to help . This is the story of this restless soul.
Save All Who Dare Save All Who Dare

Save All Who Dare

"Save All Who Dare" is a poetic film that asks the question of what truly is right or wrong during a time of crisis. A timely yet timeless piece that follows the journey of two members of a cult questioning their faith, their leaders, themselves, and what the consequences would be. An allegory for our current political and pandemic climate.
“...is walking away braver than a last stand?”
Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm

Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm

In San Francisco, many years after his hideous crimes, the fiendish water creature Vodník emerges from Czech folklore to recount his beguiling tale.

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