Family Drama

Available: Apr 21, 2022 17:00
Until: May 02, 2022 04:59
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Family Drama
Family Drama touches on those issues unique to families. Wide range of possibilities. Aging parents, dealing with health & wealth issues, education, faith and more.
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The Curse of Cain The Curse of Cain

The Curse of Cain

An ex-convict seeks redemption after serving his time. Will his mistakes cost his family forever?
Death and Magic Castles Death and Magic Castles

Death and Magic Castles

On a beautiful, sunny day five year old Zizou fell to the ground and died when his heart suddenly stopped. In that moment of losing my son I was thrown into the cold reality of America’s complicated relationship with death. Through animation, "Death and Magic Castles" explores traditions of mourning and loss in different cultures and follows my quest to bring death and life closer together. As the world collectively grieves this past year and a half, this short animated documentary gives hope for healing and tackles how to externalize grief in a culture where mourning is taboo and the goal is to live forever.
Sproutland Sproutland


Beth lives with constant reminders of her deceased husband -- a local health guru named Sproutman. She dodges her neighbors who chant yoga mantras and drink green juices in his honor. When her son grows increasingly obsessed with his dad’s legacy, Beth wonders: who am I now without Sproutman? As Beth forges a path she neither expected nor wanted, she learns that life can hold despair and joy at the same time.
I'm There For You I'm There For You

I'm There For You

When her husband goes on a business trip, the wife starts to live the life she desires. This story is told through a uniquely peculiar angle with fates intertwining in various degrees.
Haven-  Pilot Haven-  Pilot

Haven- Pilot

PILOT SYNOPSIS- After losing her parents, Alina must find her way to, Haven, her only safety. She is taken in by two Remnant Rebels, also on the journey to fine Haven but Collective Soldiers are quickly closing in.
Kinship Kinship


As a NYC Detective retires he still thinks about the case he could never close. Over the years his preoccupation with seeking justice has come with a price. When a relationship with his Granddaughter starts to develop and he realizes this could be a fresh start, it could be too late.
Two Weeks to Slow the Spread Two Weeks to Slow the Spread

Two Weeks to Slow the Spread

A couple from Chicago moves to a remote farmhouse in Kentucky in the spring of 2020 to wait out the coronavirus "for just a few weeks." They end up staying over a year and must learn to co-exist with their new neighbors.
Of Mermaids and Men Of Mermaids and Men

Of Mermaids and Men

Dorothy is fighting old wounds and new
challenges as she and her father struggle to find
common ground in the midst of his dementia. The
deterioration of her dad’s mind makes it that much
harder for them to connect. This is a story of love and
loss and the need to find compassion in a darkened
On Fire On Fire

On Fire

A comfortable man must face his indifference and apathy when a desperate neighbor seeks help.
Brotherly Vows Brotherly Vows

Brotherly Vows

A distressed groom is ready to marry his beautiful bride but his future brother-in-law does not want the groom to marry his sister.
The Candy Tin The Candy Tin

The Candy Tin

A grimy, dented candy tin sits in a thrift store. How did it get there? What stories could it tell? Who used it, loved it—and left it?

An Irish immigrant picks up a gleaming “Ruth’s Home Run” candy tin in a general store in 1920s America. From the rocking 50s to the dour 2000s to The Future, the candy tin travels through modern America.

The Future is The Past.
The Call of Water The Call of Water

The Call of Water

Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.
tHe uNspoken bAdge tHe uNspoken bAdge

tHe uNspoken bAdge

1881... an aged bedridden sheriff struggles to separate tattered realities as his family watches death overshadow the carcass of his mind since dwindled brittle by dementia.
Change Change


A young boy is reluctant to move to NYC out of the familiarity of his suburban home. While packing his room, he discovers a magic box that will show him glimpses of the life he can have and help him come to terms with the change he's facing.



Just a romantic music video from a girl in love daydreaming about the guy she wants to be with.

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