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Feature length motion pictures range from 60 to 120 minutes. Independent projects made without studio financing are considered "Bare Bones" and is a major festival category .
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Bad Animal Bad Animal

Bad Animal

SEMBRÉ is a rising star in the Chicago music scene. His first record, BAD ANIMAL, was a critical and commercial success. MARLENE, a talented indie artist in her own right, is Sembré’s manager.

Everything changes when a new producer shows up with a major record deal, forcing Marlene and Sembré to confront their past while navigating fame in the underground Chicago music scene.

BAD ANIMAL stars Chicago DIY music legend MYKELE DEVILLE and RIVKAH REYES (School of Rock,) and was a featured Kickstarter “Project We Love” raising over $15,000. REMSY ATASSI’s directorial debut is a love letter to the Chicago indie music scene featuring original songs by The Palmer Squares, Chris Crack, Pixel Grip, Malci, Pet Symmetry, and more.
Down the Road Down the Road

Down the Road

When a paperboy goes missing in the local woods, it's up to his friends to find answers. Following a mysterious trail of clues, they venture into the heart of the unknown, and unearth something much deeper…
You And What Army You And What Army

You And What Army

Brother filmmakers borrow money from a loan shark to shoot their first film.
The Awakening of Lilith The Awakening of Lilith

The Awakening of Lilith

A woman finds herself in the midst of a dark mystery after the unexplained loss of a loved one. Her mind starts to unravel as her sense of reality begins to slip away.
Hideout Hideout


Drug dealer Guo-hao hopes to make big money by an unknown cocaine deal so that he and his girlfriend can leave their life of crime behind. But he soon realized that the whole thing is not that simple.
Due to geographic restrictions, this content is available only in United States. However, it is not available in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Bootyology Bootyology


When a documentary crew sets out to explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and popular music, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they stumble across a mystery involving the disappearance of the infamous rap duo, The Booty Boys.
Zero Hour Zero Hour

Zero Hour

Mike McCoy is burned out after 30 years as a hit-man. But his spontaneous friendship with Rachel opens up a new world to him.
Objective Objective


A man searches for his kidnapped daughter through the underworld of sex trafficking.


When a disgraced race car driver falls for a divorced waitress, her teenage twin daughters give him a run for his money in this hilarious dark comedy.
The love story of Su, Shi The love story of Su, Shi

The love story of Su, Shi

Shi Su was known for his poems, writing, calligraphy, painting and ability to offend his emperors. However, people do not know about his tragic loves.
Millennial With A Cane Millennial With A Cane

Millennial With A Cane

A young-adult MS patient joins an "invisible illness" support group, which helps her cope with her disease.
Nuts! The Musical Nuts! The Musical

Nuts! The Musical

Two brothers, Sam and Isaac Piper, manage their dying father's pest control company. When spraying the home of former child star, Zack Thompson, they unwittingly stumble into an outrageous conspiracy. Coincidentally, Sam's newly-invented pest control chemical is in popular demand. Depending on who gains control of this chemical, it could bring fame and fortune, jeopardize the conspiracy, or simply provide a sensational high.
Robot Riot Robot Riot

Robot Riot

Soldiers with wiped memories are being forced to survive in small town that has been taken over by artificial intelligence war robots.
The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood

The Disappearance of Toby Blackwood

A comedy about a conspiracy theorist YouTube personality who goes missing during the pandemic, and two friends try to find him without leaving their homes.


Mona, her husband Theo and daughter Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts of Berlin. When the attractive 18 years old daughter of a friend comes to visit, the profound problems and fragility of the small family reveal, as a tragic downward spiral takes its inevitable course.
Cultura Cultura


A generation spanning drama regarding a Phoenix lowrider community. Cultura rises to the occasion when children are abandoned after ICE mistakes their mom for being an undocumented immigrant.
Valentine Crush Valentine Crush

Valentine Crush

Vicky Valentine is the star jammer of her local roller derby team. After a bitter loss against their rivals, Vicky is in for the fight of her life when she's abducted by her #1 fan.
Make Popular Movies Make Popular Movies

Make Popular Movies

A self-important filmmaker aspires to change cinema. An actress and actor languishing in commercial hell gets cast. Through this journey they find fame and emotional destruction. Hooray for Hollywood! A slapstick absurdist film about how people create and view movies in the 21st Century.

Best In Genre, Comedy - Prison City Film Festival 2022
Best U.S Narrative Feature - Prison City Film Festival 2022
Best Director - Prison City Film Festival 2022

Official Selection
Prison City Film Festival 2022

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