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Music Video
Music Videos may tell a story or a specific issue with music as the delivery. Music Videos are also a platform for promoting artists, singers, music. May also be animated or have live performers.
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China Blue China Blue

China Blue

China Blue is a surrealist music video featuring R&B songwriter/performer, Cam Calloway.


DDD is the newest music video by Austin, Texas based artist Eric Unusual. DDD tells the story of one man seeking redemption, but unable and unwilling to change his ways.
It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want) It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want)

It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want)

In the tradition of the classic Monster Mash. Dr. Snik Presents a Halloween party song that crosses the Leslie Gore classic It's My Party, Too Sexy For My Car by Right Said Fred and Rob Zombie.
Featuring Mitch Markowitz as Super Hippy from the 1970's Canadian TV show The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (50th Anniversary in 2021) starring Vincent Price
Also featured is Sara Taylor (Vocalist/Chibi) of the gothic rock band The Birthday Massacre.
Oborozuki Oborozuki


朧月 ("Oborozuki")
Misty moon on a spring night

Katsushika Hokusai’s tentacular “Dream of the fisherman’s wife” and Afro Cuban drums are the protagonists of a syncretic ritual; music and dance lead this interesting cultural intermixing music video directed by Joseph Ros for Japanese artist Yuko Fong and Los Rumberos de Cuba.
MeTube: August sings 'Una furtiva lagrima' MeTube: August sings 'Una furtiva lagrima'

MeTube: August sings 'Una furtiva lagrima'

The third part of the internationally award-winning MeTube short film series. This time the intergalactic music nerds August and Elfi conquer the opera stage and orchestrate their final adventure in an opulent manner.
I Miss You I Miss You

I Miss You

Kylen Grey-Jacobson's break out new single "I Miss You", produced at his home studio. This coming of age Music Video shares the thoughts and emotions of high school students in love. Featuring 17 year old Campbell Crites, a competitive dancer showcasing her signature moves.
Darkside Darkside


This music video was created with over 3,000 still photographs to create the animation. It was made on location in 6 states: New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California.
Hollywood dream is not a dream Hollywood dream is not a dream

Hollywood dream is not a dream

A cpa/realtor decided to go for her dreams after experiencing health setback after turning 50. In 6 years, she won 1260 IMDb film awards, Including 5 nominated films in Barebones 2022.
Mature Musical Pictures "Never Alone" (feat Chad Szeliga) Official Music Video Mature Musical Pictures "Never Alone" (feat Chad Szeliga) Official Music Video

Mature Musical Pictures "Never Alone" (feat Chad Szeliga) Official Music Video

The evil dark lord captures a valuable prisoner. Multiple battles take place, until the good warrior lord finally rescues the prisoner. The battles continue until victory prevails.
Ragnar Ólafsson - Walls Ragnar Ólafsson - Walls

Ragnar Ólafsson - Walls

A music video for the song Walls by Ragnar Ólafsson
Wait a Minute Wait a Minute

Wait a Minute

Dancing turns out to be a way to say hi, an invitation to play, and a challenge to move from awkward outsider to willing partner, all buoyed by the infectious groove of Ana Egge’s music.
It Always Could Be Worse It Always Could Be Worse

It Always Could Be Worse

This music video follows a little bear who recalls a number of unpleasant experiences - a sore throat, a long car ride, eating a whole pie and getting a tummy ache. Each time, the bear is met by other animals whose natural states put the little bears woes into perspective. After all, "it always could be worse."
Forever Boy Forever Boy

Forever Boy

A music video about falling in love and how SCARY it is.
Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man

Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man

Politician Man, the debut single from Northern Canadian roots-rocker Adrian Sutherland, is a protest song for Canada.

The seeds were planted in July 2019 when his Cree community of Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency over contaminated water. At the same moment, insensitive comments from a politician in Ottawa sparked massive public outcry, a spontaneous response from Sutherland himself, and national media coverage.

Jump ahead to August, when co-writing sessions with musical brothers sparked a song that was important, timely, and totally kickass. One day in September, that song came to life in a recording studio. By the first week of October, a filmmaker was adding his keen artistic eye to the message behind the music.

Politician Man was released October 17, 2019, with accompanying video by Justin Stephenson (director of animation and editor, The Secret Path). It speaks to Canada’s troubled relationship with First Nations.

Growing up in an isolated place like Attawapiskat has given Sutherland a unique perspective, while his growing profile as an artist is now giving him a voice. This is his way of taking action, doing something, about the ongoing struggle that Indigenous people face in Canada, while the country takes growing steps toward reconciliation.

“Sometimes reconciliation sounds like an empty word, and it’s frustrating. You keep trying to get ahead, but there are ongoing challenges, one obstacle after another. I have to wonder what I’m doing still living in Attawapiskat, and if anything is ever going to make a difference,” says Sutherland.

2021 American Indian Film Festival
NOMINEE: Best Music Video

2021 Phoenix Shorts
WINNER: Music Video

2020 Yorkton Film Festival
WINNER: Best Performing Arts & Entertainment

2020 Moving Parts Film Festival
WINNER: Music Video

2020 Indie Shorts Awards Miami
WINNER: Best Music Video

2020 Indie Shorts Awards Buenos Aires
WINNER: Best Music Video
About Time About Time

About Time

About time is a 36:36 minute multimedia digital fiction/music film intended for art house, audio and cinema lovers, temporary exposition for small and medium hall, room, and theatre spaces equipped with quality sound and computer projection. Composed and performed by author-musician Anne E. Witte (Pseudonym “Rosewood Music”), it is a succession of 8 musical/visual stories, each related to the passage of time. The themes draw from the artist’s personal history, classical myth, and travel literature. The crowdsourcing of the visuals captures a universal thread memorializing shared human experiences and a world premier using “crowdsourced” visual snippets to illustrate the lyrics.

The musical signature of this mature singer/songwriter features mezzo-soprano vocals and choirs on piano-based compositions, set against symphonic orchestrations and cinematic soundscapes. Crossing genre (pop, jazz, contemporary, electronic and classical music), the style seeks a universal appeal crossing age groups and cultures.
E.V.P. - No More Tears E.V.P. - No More Tears

E.V.P. - No More Tears

Recorded specifically for the short film/pilot, "Ghost Trippers." This brand new supergroup who call themselves E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), got together and recorded this entire cover song, all in the comfort of their homes.
Sand Castle Tapes Sand Castle Tapes

Sand Castle Tapes

Sand Castle Tapes captures the band’s stay during a few nights at a beautiful old castle near Brussels. Having been in lockdown until this stay, the band came together for the first time to interpret the songs from their latest album SAND.
sculpture sculpture


This project is based on one of the poems of the famous Iranian poet Rumi
Life's Been Good To Me Life's Been Good To Me

Life's Been Good To Me

Follow Yellow Days (columbia records) and Ric Wilson as they dance around London to their newest single "Life's Been Good To Me"
Change Change


A young boy is reluctant to move to NYC out of the familiarity of his suburban home. While packing his room, he discovers a magic box that will show him glimpses of the life he can have and help him come to terms with the change he's facing.

Low Clouds Low Clouds

Low Clouds

A traveler roams through a world in ruins and finds a survivor bound to the comfortable void. The parasite within becomes a butterfly, free to fly. Yet, nothing was what it appeared to be...
Ugly on the Inside Ugly on the Inside

Ugly on the Inside

A slasher genre music video about 2 girls enjoying a walk in the woods until they become tormented by a masked villain.
Wild Woman Wild Woman

Wild Woman

In this cheeky throwback music video, created by Michelle Cameron, Lee Taylor performs her title track “Wild Woman” as she plays the role of various familiar characters. A campy commentary on the way women are portrayed in the media, the video pokes fun at gender stereotypes while celebrating all kinds of wild women.


Just a romantic music video from a girl in love daydreaming about the guy she wants to be with.

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