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Short movies are perfect for those short on time who crave entertainment in small doses.
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The Curse of Cain The Curse of Cain

The Curse of Cain

An ex-convict seeks redemption after serving his time. Will his mistakes cost his family forever?
Death and Magic Castles Death and Magic Castles

Death and Magic Castles

On a beautiful, sunny day five year old Zizou fell to the ground and died when his heart suddenly stopped. In that moment of losing my son I was thrown into the cold reality of America’s complicated relationship with death. Through animation, "Death and Magic Castles" explores traditions of mourning and loss in different cultures and follows my quest to bring death and life closer together. As the world collectively grieves this past year and a half, this short animated documentary gives hope for healing and tackles how to externalize grief in a culture where mourning is taboo and the goal is to live forever.
Golem Golem


Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue - unaware of the horror awaiting them.
The River The River

The River

Henry lives in a cabin in the Ozark frontier at the turn of the century. Henry's mental struggles get so intense that he must choose to put his family in danger or run away down the unforgiving river.
Into Into


A young actress discovers the consequences of her habitually bad attitude during a theatrical audition. The way we treat people can come back to haunt us.
Desperado - Beauty and Beast Desperado - Beauty and Beast

Desperado - Beauty and Beast

A stranger showed up at door telling the devoted wife the truth about her husband. She was confused and wished to get even when a pizza man showed up. Can she get even? What can she do?


A mentally ill man wakes up from a nightmare and tries to go after the guy responsible for murdering his wife and baby. One of his biggest problems is himself.
The dream lovers The dream lovers

The dream lovers

A girl dumped by boyfriend wish to find the dream lover online. Dreams turned to nightmares when the difference between virtual and reality hit.
Sproutland Sproutland


Beth lives with constant reminders of her deceased husband -- a local health guru named Sproutman. She dodges her neighbors who chant yoga mantras and drink green juices in his honor. When her son grows increasingly obsessed with his dad’s legacy, Beth wonders: who am I now without Sproutman? As Beth forges a path she neither expected nor wanted, she learns that life can hold despair and joy at the same time.
Vindicate Vindicate


A young woman loses her dog to a drunk driver, and while dealing with the trauma, she seeks revenge. While she is planning to poison the driver, one night she has a revelation that her dog, wherever he is, is okay; he's doing okay. That is when she finds it in her heart to move on from the loss of her best friend.
I'm There For You I'm There For You

I'm There For You

When her husband goes on a business trip, the wife starts to live the life she desires. This story is told through a uniquely peculiar angle with fates intertwining in various degrees.
Charlie Charlie


1882, when two travelers meet on a railroad, the revelation that appearances are more than they seem leads to a life or death scenario.
Get Back: Me and John Get Back: Me and John

Get Back: Me and John

Brain strikes a difficult guitar chord and magically appears in the past where he has a chance to change rock and roll history.
In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film

In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film

In The Blink Of An Eye: A James Bond Fan Film is Parkview Music Club’s tribute to the James Bond Film Series. The music video feels like a classic James Bond film from beginning to end, and follows 007 and his Spy Team on a mission to stop his most notorious adversary from unleashing a villainous plan to control the world. The film has a special appearance by former 007 actor George Lazenby ( On Her Majesty's Secret Service) . The characters in the film are based on James Bond characters created by Ian Fleming.
One-Hit Wonder One-Hit Wonder

One-Hit Wonder

Former pop star Ellery DeMarco recounts his career with the cab driver during his ride.
Pulse Pulse


A group of strangers must decide how to cope when they are trapped together during a panic-inducing terror attack.
First Impressions First Impressions

First Impressions

Randall wants to impress his girlfriend and her friends at their weekly game night with his favorite game, but things don't quite go as planned...
Panopto Panopto


Panopto is a brand new security system: an all-in-one recording, detaining, doorbell camera robot. When a package thief tries to escape its grasp, Panopto unravels its own part in a vast conspiracy.
Retirement 2: Salt on the Road Retirement 2: Salt on the Road

Retirement 2: Salt on the Road

An energetic rookie and a hard boiled veteran cop work an old cold case that haunts everyone involved, whether they know it or not.
High Road High Road

High Road

The offspring of two families continue a long-running feud that began before they were born.
Billy Billy


An obsessive professor experiences a series of tragic events after uncovering new information surrounding the subject of his latest research - Billy, the Pygmy Hippopotamus.
Faces After Suicide Faces After Suicide

Faces After Suicide

My husband died by suicide at our home and I found him.
(TRIGGER WARNING) This documentary contains information about suicide which may be triggering to survivors. People who have lost someone to suicide will not only blame themselves, but are usually blamed by others. Supporting survivors can help break the cycle of stigma.
Warren's Gold Warren's Gold

Warren's Gold

After his family gold is stolen, young cowboy Warren must decide how far to take his revenge.
Johnny Crow Johnny Crow

Johnny Crow

A poetic and transformative journey of a young man’s physical, mental, and spiritual struggle to return to his son through the criminal justice system and the layers of colonization it represents. Created by animating spray-painted murals frame-by-frame, Cree artist Jesse Gouchey painted each frame on large outdoor surfaces over a period of seven years in numerous locations across Alberta and BC. Johnny Crow's struggle speaks to the resilience of modern day warriors surviving and resisting bureaucratic battles of written laws vs oral traditions, and is contrasted by a haunting poem written and performed by spoken word artist Mitcholos Touchie. Turtle Island agreements were to share, and nobody was conquered. Today's resistance seeks to expose and correct treaty trickery, the dishonourable paper wars that are won and lost with the flick of a stock market digit.

Music by Bull Horn Singers, Billy Wadsworth, Celina Kalluk, Daniel Neary, Pura Fé, Cary L. Morin, and Antonia Crescioni.

*Note there is also a version with three "f*** offs" at the start of the film, if you prefer to screen that version.
Password: CROW

The non-explicit version is what is attached to this profile.
10 Minutes 10 Minutes

10 Minutes

A college student with a bright future meets a woman who’s long anticipated her death, moments before the world ends. Now, they’re both suddenly forced to deal with the weight of mortality while an extinction event kills them and everyone they know.
Garden Spells Garden Spells

Garden Spells

When Claire’s grandma passes away, she leaves behind a spell book that promises magical help should Claire ever need it. Years later, Claire meets Colton in the bookstore where she works and instantly falls for him…but can’t quite seem to tell if he reciprocates the feeling. She calls upon the book and her grandma’s spirit to open his heart towards her. The following day she sees him again at the bookstore and thinks her chance has come, only this time he’s there with another girl. Claire is heartbroken. However her heartbreak turns to horror when, a few days later, he reappears at the bookstore alone and asks her out to lunch. She stumbles over an excuse and retreats to the back room. That night she consults her grandmother’s spirit asking if there’s a way to reverse the spell she cast, full of guilt at having turned his heart towards her when he already had a girlfriend. The next day, Colton and the other girl arrive at the bookstore. While in conversation with Claire, it’s revealed that the mystery girl is actually Colton’s sister Jennifer. Realizing the blunder and relieved at the outcome, Colton and Jennifer invite Claire out to lunch, and she accepts. We fast forward to years later, where an older Claire is passing her grandmother’s spell book onto her own granddaughter with the promise that it will help her find her own Mr. Right when the time comes.
L.I.F.E.: P's & Q's L.I.F.E.: P's & Q's

L.I.F.E.: P's & Q's

L.I.F.E. is an anthology series set in the near future where citizens receive a hand delivered card stating their date of death. Each episode explores the recipients remaining months. Bernard Huffington has had enough of this cruel and careless world. Before he takes his last breath, he wants to rid the community of the uncaring. But with lead detective Dianne Bricks hot on his trail, his adventures may come to an end sooner than determined by LIFE Corp.
Defiants Defiants


Several years have passed since the New World Law took effect. Law enforcement officers are now outlaws that call themselves Defiants and civilians have been given the power of independent justice. The battle between factions, Defiants & Seekers aka bounty hunters, has intensified causing one leader to question if he will continue fighting for the laws of the past.
21. across 21. across

21. across

A man goes through his daily routine. Each day more is revealed about the world he inhabits. It all comes to a head on the final day.
World War II World War II

World War II

Satirical advice on how to get a historical documentary into a film festival using World War II as an example.
tHe uNspoken bAdge tHe uNspoken bAdge

tHe uNspoken bAdge

1881... an aged bedridden sheriff struggles to separate tattered realities as his family watches death overshadow the carcass of his mind since dwindled brittle by dementia.
Trucked! Trucked!


After receiving mysterious message, a young man goes to fortune teller.

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