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Thriller and Suspense usually work together to create tension in a movie. Not quite horror, beyond action with some mystery to be solved. Can be chilling.
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Bitter Taste of Ginger Bitter Taste of Ginger

Bitter Taste of Ginger

Ginger, a recent widow, takes up autoerotic asphyxiation to work up the nerve to kill her abusive mother-in-law, Ginny.


A mentally ill man wakes up from a nightmare and tries to go after the guy responsible for murdering his wife and baby. One of his biggest problems is himself.
Vindicate Vindicate


A young woman loses her dog to a drunk driver, and while dealing with the trauma, she seeks revenge. While she is planning to poison the driver, one night she has a revelation that her dog, wherever he is, is okay; he's doing okay. That is when she finds it in her heart to move on from the loss of her best friend.
The Awakening of Lilith The Awakening of Lilith

The Awakening of Lilith

A woman finds herself in the midst of a dark mystery after the unexplained loss of a loved one. Her mind starts to unravel as her sense of reality begins to slip away.
Pulse Pulse


A group of strangers must decide how to cope when they are trapped together during a panic-inducing terror attack.
Paradise Paradise


In a world without rain, two sisters search for water to survive but find much more.
Checkout Time Checkout Time

Checkout Time

As two friends unravel their true feelings for each other, their focus is immediately shifted to survival when their love is haunted by the spirit of a bitter hotel owner.
Stranger in the Night Stranger in the Night

Stranger in the Night

A beautiful woman knocks on the door of a detective begging for help to find her sister.
Night Light Night Light

Night Light

Morgan and Candace move into a new apartment. They find out that the pevious tenants left because of a ghost that causes the bathroom light to switch on. When the said light inexplicably comes on, Candace tries to find a rational explanation whereas Morgan turns to the supernatural...
Cutter Cutter


A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds.
Eureka Eureka


A young indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California.
Photalgia Photalgia


An older artist is affected by a strange light at his studio that drives him to do dark things.
Valentine Crush Valentine Crush

Valentine Crush

Vicky Valentine is the star jammer of her local roller derby team. After a bitter loss against their rivals, Vicky is in for the fight of her life when she's abducted by her #1 fan.
Trucked! Trucked!


After receiving mysterious message, a young man goes to fortune teller.
Eevy Ivy Over Eevy Ivy Over

Eevy Ivy Over

Tatum is sent to her room after fighting with her mother on a stormy evening. When she hears a rustle in the closet she investigates, but finds no one there. When it happens again she calls out to the voice and is surprised to hear a little girl who sounds very much like her. They share a playground rhyme and for a moment she has a friend, but when mother comes down the hall, she jumps into the closet, now empty. From inside the closet she hears mother talking -- and the voice responds.
Invite the Devil to Come and Play Invite the Devil to Come and Play

Invite the Devil to Come and Play

Invite the Devil to Come and Play tells the age-old tale of the starving artist, but in a darker light. Oliver Russell is an amateur--but serious--composer of experimental music who struggles to find meaning in his humdrum world of work and everyday responsibility. His passion is his music, but his peers aren't interested. They push him to work on more productive and realistic goals. Instead, he cultivates an unexpected audience for his compositions just as his life starts coming apart around him.

Invite the Devil to Come and Play is an independent film produced entirely in the state of South Carolina.
The Monster Inside The Monster Inside

The Monster Inside

A woman, struggling with depression, fights with her own inner demon.
The Thrill The Thrill

The Thrill

A high-risk taking, prestigious fast talking east coast gambler is plotted against by his money laundering accountant and her conniving friend.
Ugly on the Inside Ugly on the Inside

Ugly on the Inside

A slasher genre music video about 2 girls enjoying a walk in the woods until they become tormented by a masked villain.
Vessel Vessel


A suicidal woman is abducted by a serial killer that may not be of this world.

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